01 August 2011

(musings) a delicate life.

This life itself is but a season, wrapped in seasons. It is a memory book filled with small moments. It is a breath, a fragrance, a song, an ever-so-delicate bloom.

It calls for divine gentleness. 

The Lord expands life to those who love Him. He makes the season abundant and full. He pours joy into the delicate moments and they drink it in. 

He allows the bloom to be brighter. He makes the fragrance sweeter. He makes the memories more vivid. He sings the song. 


Robin said...

Beautiful photo, beautiful post

Susie Davis said...

Love, love, love that photo and the watermark. ;)

The Christ Stumbler said...

That sweet little bloom was holding on tightly today. She deserved to be honored. Thank you iPhone.