12 October 2009

Life as Worship.

I do believe in a God who has things under control, who designs our moments for His glory and who is, as John Piper says, “most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.” So “Called to Worship” by Vernon Whaley has proven to be the perfect companion as I recently traveled to both Guatemala and Russia for orphan care ministry. I am reminded so eloquently , I am indeed worshiping when I am serving others in need.

With detail and diversity, Whaley walks through scripture to reveal the power of worship for and to God. I must admit, I was reticent to select this particular book for review, anticipating it to be a dry, disconnected academic study rather than an enlightening journey that would challenge, convict and inspire. But I was gladly proven wrong.

Whaley paints a picture of worship as a way of life rather than a single act. And no form of worship is left ignored. From meditation to song to prayer and lifestyle, as Whaley puts it, Our worship should be a natural response to His provision for you.”

With that said, I must ask myself the question – “is my worship a natural response to His provision? Do I see worship my day-to-day life? Do I view my actions correctly? Do I recognize my home as a place of worship?” “Am I allowing myself to be distracted and throw a precious opportunity away?”

Though Whaley’s book is written in a style more reminiscent of a school book, his purpose reaches deeper. His goal is discipleshp – being consumed completely by the Lord’s all-consuming fire. It is a book I will pick up again and again as I need encouragement on my purpose in this life.

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