06 October 2008

Guatemala - I love you.

Monday, 6 October 2008

As has become the norm after a trip, I’m resting quietly with my pup by my side and my husband nearby. The internet connection throughout Guatemala was spotty, and despite paying for a wonderful international data package for my nifty new iPhone, my opportunity to email or upload anything while on the trip was limited to a few precious moments (thanks AT&T). But I took notes, took pictures, took it all in. I savored everything from that familiar diesel/dirt smell that’s so distinctly Latin America to the vivid colors of the buildings in Antigua to the majesty of the mountains that seem to evaporate into the clouds throughout the country. I pray this isn’t my last time to visit Guatemala.

And now, the blogs. Thank you to each person who contributed to each moment. Thank you to the children who allowed me to experience love and laughter and heartbreak. Thank you to Courtney, Geoff, Dana, Katie, Steven, and Jenny, who gave me freedom. You are my joy.


Jeff Jones said...

Great stuff RR! Sunrises look an aweful lot like sunsets many times Sista!

Rhonda Berg said...

RR it's so amazing how God has worked in your life. He had a plan all along, YOU just needed to walk "into" it. Now you're walking through Guatemala....Big steps. You are a Mighty Woman of God. Love ya, Rhonda