17 February 2008

New Love in Central America - Part Two

Hope in Guatemala City:

In the midst of all the chaos in the largest city in Central America, there are three bright places of hope. The Buckner baby home, girls transitional home, and boys transitional home offer refuge, structure, and quality of life to orphans in the area.

On Saturday night, we joined Park Cities Baptist for a pizza party at the girls’ residence. It was a modern 5-bedroom home, with a beautiful living area, kitchen, and family room. The young women living in the home have come from Manchen in Antigua – all are attending school now. One of the eight girls living in the transitional home, Celeste, is studying to be an attorney. She says it is difficult to put into words the difference between living at Manchen and living in the Buckner home.

The boys from the Buckner home (many of whom were once at San Gabriel) joined us that night as well, and gathered in the family room to watch WrestleMania (we passed the sports arena where it was being held earlier in the day, and wanted to stop and buy masks – to no avail).

Geoff and Dana performed a mini-concert on the back patio, and then joined the Park Cities worship leaders as everyone sang – including toddlers who got to participate from the Buckner baby home.

When I think of the boys at San Gabriel, I wonder which will someday be at our Buckner home. Might it be Tomas, the quiet, thoughtful teen, or Alfredo, the “best buddy” of Geoff? Perhaps Umberto, who is very intelligent but struggles with anger, or Jonathan, the well-educated teen who has just been placed in the orphanage. I wish we had room for them all…

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