27 July 2011

i am a cheater.

Be glad of life, because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars. ~Henry Van Dyke
I'll admit it. I'm suffering from a bad case of "restless life syndrome" right now.  Though my days are full of perfectly lovely God-crafted moments, there are some rough patches that look a lot like our backyard - scratchy and prickly and uncomfortable. I'm praying for rain. I know it's coming - it always does. But right now, it's dry. And I'm dry.

And it's easy in seasons like this to allow my eyes to wander - to look longingly at the lives of others and begin crafting stories that I just know are far more adventurous and sexy than mine could ever be.

I begin writing fairy tales, when my own true story - with its seasons of drought and its seasons of rain -  has a far greater "happily ever after" than anything I could imagine or even think.

And that's cheating on this life. 

Don't allow the flirtations of someone else's beautiful life to catch your eye. Don't dabble in the affections of another's journey.  If you chase after a different story,  you'll stumble and scatter every word of your own. Live your life fully. Grab that pen and write. Let the Lord breathe the words into your heart. Let the Lord craft the most beautiful sentences out of those words. Let your God-given, everyday life be the best story you tell. (inspired by Proverbs 6)


Rick said...

Very, very good. Once again, you've captured a struggle that I suspect that most are guilty of from time to time (whether we know it/admit it, or not) and verbalized eloquently, appropriately, beautifully...
Thanks for sharing.

aprilnandy said...

I will second what Rick said! The temptation to look at the life of another from a distance and ponder about its perfection is a deceitful tactic of the enemy of our souls. It is so easy to see all the "right" things about the life of another, but little do we really know about what they are battling. The key phrase is that you look at the life of another "from a distance" and see so dimly of what that persons real life looks like. Unfortunately, it's hard to keep that at the forefront of our minds all the time.

You know what? I am a cheater, too. Take heart sister! Rain is coming!! God is faithful for He cannot deny Himself.