09 April 2011

Shiny Shoes

I've written about shiny shoes before.  Today, I've fallen in love with them even more. Today, I want to put on beautiful shiny shoes - and walk.

Those shoes were created by Christ, and He wears them daily. His love crafted the shoes that are fearless to walk in the darkest places, fearless to get dirty and worn, fearless to not be pretty anymore. Those shoes never wear out but grow more beautiful, more sturdy, more protective with every step. Those shoes of love are strong. Those shoes don't walk roads of "all-about-me." Those shoes can't be worn by those who want to carry their glory into God's glory, their kingdoms into God's kingdom. Those shoes are full of light and and light, and they expose darkness. Walk with those shoes on. They are strong and powerful, and they are highly reflective. They glow with goodness and truth. Let those shoes brighten up the darkness. Let those shoes pave the way. Let those shoes leave the imprint of their Maker...(paraphrase of Ephesians 5)

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