02 February 2011

Joy and Cold Feet.

My feet are cold, and my slightly frizzy hair is in pure rebellion against the blow-dryer that feels more comfortable on the warm setting. The internet has decided it would rather sleep on this snowy evening in Romania, so there will be no uploading pictures or answering emails. A dog is barking outside, and another freight train is sure to pass soon.
And I’m filled with complete joy.
Because today:

He does all things well.
the mountains of Romania proclaimed God’s majesty

Kimberely (Kimberellie). Beautiful woman.
prayer with my roommate, Kimberely, made the morning bright

Razvy and his friend Darius. Razvy and I are buddies now.
some sweet teenagers captured my heart with their tenderness

In the frozen majesty, the beautiful sound of water.
I was reminded of the still small voice of the Lord in waterfalls and birdsong

Reminders to pray for places and people. A Romanian Bible is added to the mix - Jeremiah 29:11.
I fell just a little more in love with this country and its people

A special gift for the team - a visit to Peles Castle.
And yes, today, I got to feel like a princess.
Complete joy. In Him. Today.

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