20 January 2011

I've Got a Confession(s).

My Bible is open. It's time for just reading and journaling and intimate moments of friendship with Jesus. It couldn't be more perfect. I'm ready to hear what God wants to say. It's a divine thing. Oh, to focus now, to not be distracted. 


I've got this "wow - January is almost over and I'm going to Romania and I don't even have warm pajamas and I need to buy a book for school and is anyone thinking about cleaning out the fridge at church for all the stuff we need to put in it and I need a shower and I really want to go back to sleep and I need to go to Costco and when are we going to get a puppy and sometimes I like working at a church and sometimes I don't and why am I so prone to wander and why does this country have to be so stinkin' spread out and I feel like a slug because I've not reached out enough to some folks lately and daisies are pretty and that book's not going to write itself and look at time tick away and what's sawyer going to be when he grows up and now I wish there was more time to simply write because there's a whole folder of notes and recipes and stories waiting and what's going on with this person and that person and I'm a loser and how many times do I use the word 'I' in my thoughts anyway and there's a half-marathon coming up soon and maybe we should just all move to Tennessee and shut up brain and I still stink at Spanish and life is just too dang busy and I need a hug and no one else is this distracted and ...sigh" going on in my brain - all at the same time - at this very moment.

That's it. I just needed to confess my clutter, and I'm so thankful for a God who is immeasurably bigger and more powerful than all of it. He'll still speak. In fact, the moment has already become a little more divine. 
In confession… we open our lives to healing, reconciling, restoring, uplifting grace of Him who loves us in spite of what we are.~ Louis Cassels


~Amy Jo~ said...

Oh boy...we have similar brains. And I thought no one else could understand the run-on thoughts that bounce around in my head.

The Christ Stumbler said...

My brain could understand your brain perfectly. :)

moherring@rocketmail.com said...