01 April 2010

30 pieces.

They've been with Him through thick and thin, have travelled with Him for years. They've seen miracle after miracle, have witnessed His awesome transfiguration, have seen Him calm seas and feed thousands and speak to God. They've given everything up for Him - jobs, families, inheritances, pedigrees, position. And they know scripture - and are witnessing first-hand the fulfillment of prophecy after prophecy.

And yet, when He says one of them will betray Him, they ALL ask "Could it be me?"

I follow Jesus, share Jesus, have defended Him, have witnessed miracles - I am amazed, I am humbled, I am honored. Christ is life in my veins. Yet, I know I'm perfectly capable of denying Him. I've proven my ability to ignore Him, to allow my passion to ebb and flow. I've shredded my faith, and have diluted His power in my life. I've worked diligently to create a non-offensive Gospel. And I've thought about walking away.

Thirty pieces of silver. Enough to buy a nice home with a barn and some livestock on a good piece of land. Enough to make this life pretty comfortable - no more traveling, no more wondering where the next meal might come from, no more wild stormy nights sleeping on boats, pushing through crowds, dealing with the harsh remarks of people in authority. Enough to settle down, maybe get married, have kids. For Judas, that was enough.

What would my 30 pieces of silver be? What would yours be?

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