15 January 2010

Why did I wait? Book review: Fearless by Max Lucado

have a confession to make. I've had the book Fearless by Max Lucado since November. And it's January.

Now, don't get me wrong - I am a Max Lucado fan. In fact, his books line my shelves. I've given copies of In the Eye of the Storm and When God Whispers Your Name to friends, and defend his work to those colleagues who believe his simple, conversational style isn't "challenging" enough (I find, more often than not, those critics have never cracked open a Lucado book).

So, why was I so hesitant to read Fearless, an engaging and practical look at the types of fear that can grip our lives? As a person who identified with more than one chapter title, carrying more than a little religious baggage with me, I simply didn't want to be reminded I was a failure in the "perfect love casts out all fear" department. But Lucado's book did not walk that road. With wit, wisdom, and his classic "slice of life" approach to teaching, he shares without pandering. This isn't a self-help book - rather, it's a mirror that reflects not only the challenges of fear but the scriptural promises to comfort and heal.

Whether it's read from cover to cover, or in individual chapters based upon the need of the moment, Fearless inspires. After reading it, I have another confession to make. I'll be adding this latest Lucado book to the "a great book to give to friends" list.

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Ryan Nowakowski said...

I've had the book Fearless by Max Lucado since November. And it's January. <- nope... it's March. I know, I know... who else's comments are this insightful