20 March 2009

The Ideas Swirling.

It’s no secret I love to write. And I do a lot of it –marketing stuff mostly for clients. The writing that gives me the most joy, though, is that which allows me to let my imagination take flight. Short stories, poems, blogs all make me smile. In fact, I’ve long dreamed of writing a book – though I can’t imagine anything in particular I would have to say that would be of great interest to anyone (outside of the family and friends who always cheer me on, no matter what).

Oh, there’s plenty on my mind. I think about growing up as the “golden child” in a very messed-up family, or the “terrible two’s” of pride and fear I see that keep so many people in our world trapped. I think about the absolute beauty of amazing grace, especially in those moments when I stumble the hardest. And for those who really know me, yes, I think seriously about a cookbook – but not just any cookbook. This one really would read like a good novel. There are ideas just swirling around. Perhaps I’ll one day grab one of them and run.

Lately, a lot of my writing hasn’t been the stuff of blogs or brochures. It’s been focused on other things – pieces of a journey I have been honored and humbled to walk this past year. The writing has included countless text messages and emails, content for a fundraising website, letters, recipes, lists of people and lists of things both “to do” and “not to forget.” And an obituary. For a beautiful friend.

“David M Lipscomb, 45, of Nashville, Tennessee, met his Savior in Heaven on Wednesday, February 25, 2009, after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. David was a loving son and husband, a nurturing father, a caring friend, a successful businessman, a fightin’ Texas Aggie, and most importantly, a passionate follower of Jesus Christ…”

The journey with David and his family has caused new ideas to swirl around in my head. I think about what constitutes “old friends” – given the depth of love felt for a family I’ve only known for a short while. I think about what defines joy – given the incredible fulfillment that comes from making sure there are plenty of Cokes and animal crackers at a funeral. I think about what true worship is – given the beauty of honoring a man who truly honored God without reservation. I think about the difference between life and being fully alive.

Now, maybe that would make a good book.

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holly becton said...

I'm sure getting my hands on a copy as soon as you do!