05 November 2007

So Why the Name?

As I launch into the world of blogging (which to me feels strikingly like documenting conversations in my mind between myself and my Maker), I feel it appropriate to explain the premise of my title.


Simply put, I do love Jesus. I find serving Him a most delightful and mysterious thing. Yet, I hesitate to state I am a Christian.

You see, the term "Christian" means "like Christ." And my attitude and actions work against that so often. Yes, I am fully aware of the awesome power of God to redeem me, save me completely, and sanctify me. I cherish Romans 7 and Romans 8 for its clear picture of the struggle and His strength. In His eyes, I am complete (despite my warts and blemishes while living in this imperfect world).

So I would rather state the truth - I am a follower of Christ. Or rather, a stumbler. I hunger for God, long for Heaven, and wage war daily with the enticements and entrapments that lure me. I walk, I run, I fall, I rise. And all the while, I'm carried. Because my legs grow weak so easily. And I am thankful, grateful, and humbled.

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